The Setting of Runa

The setting of Runa is a unique setting based off a book that I’m writing and a roleplaying forum that I have started around said book.

Key points to be aware of:

-Magic in the world of Runa is either based in natural energy or in divine magic. The original spell casters created a tradition of using the energy for the planet itself as the energy for their magic (natural energy) others turned to their Gods or other realms for their magic.

-Arcane or other non-divine Magic absorbs life energy in this world making a caster who casts any non-divine spell to roll a D% for the chance of eliminating natural life from the surrounding area. The DC (or difficulty) of this chance is calculated by 10% + character level + D20 roll.

-Effects of the magic on the environment on a failed chance roll are based on an enhanced caster level. The caster level is D20 roll + caster level + wisdom. At level 15 and above this changes to D20 roll + caster level – 5.

-Due to the chance involved in casting magic there are few casters in the land of Runa. A grand master hides in the mountains teaching the secret to eliminating the chance of destroying the environment.

-With magic casting being so complicated most individuals have turned to Alchemy or have turned to other realms for their magical abilities.

-In the world of Runa the God’s are held in high regard causing any and all who desecrate or dishonor the God’s to be put on trial. Typically these trials end in Colosseum fights or duels to the death.

*More information and history can be found in the Core Rulebook below. The size of the world has been modified in comparison to what you will read.

Full Runa Setting Core Rulebook: Runa Setting Core Rulebook

Runa Setting Continent Serial Barbarian Colony: Serial Barbarian Colony Continent Map

The Setting of Runa

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