The Dungeons of Runa

The sun rises in on the land that to you is only known to you as home but to eyes watching from realms elsewhere: Runa. The light from the sun shines and warms your cold body from the previous night’s traveling. You have started to realize that as much as the three colonies have been diplomatic over the past couple hundred of years since their last great war a new war seems to be on the horizon. This is why you have been traveling…

With such a threat potentially coming to your home you have decided to gather more information and have fittingly decided to go to the nearest village. As you have traveled you have become accustomed to waking up and worshipping the God of your people unless you have chosen to forsake your people and work for the powers of evil. You understand that magic is a highly complicated issue on Runa and that only potions and other magical items are guranteed to not cause harm to the environment. Otherwise all your friends who have dabbled in the art of arcane magic have suffered serious injuries. You might recall Tobius who on attempting to cast a simple fire spell caused his home to burn with him inside. Luckily he was able to be saved from the wreckage but at the cost of his legs having to be amputated for risk of infecting the rest of his body.

As you have journeyed you have come across a small village known as Colossus Village. As you enter the village you notice a humble feeling about the village. The streets are clean of filth and what appear to be minute men wander the borders of village to keep the peace. Loud shouts of enjoyment come from the local Storm Eagle Tavern. Nearby you hear the local shopkeeper Aslar talking prices about some of his equipment. Your gaze takes in the smooth stone buildings with ceramic roof tiles the soft color of the stone highlighted by the bright colors of the tiles. The sun by this time has passed high noon and you realize that the village is bustling with more people than you would expect for after the lunch
hour. Vendors of multiple trades carry on business in a small field beyond the tavern and you notice a large two story building with an inviting sign saying, “We are humble to serve.”

You now enter the Storm Eagle Tavern…



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