The Dungeons of Runa

Preparation to Play

Getting Ready for Launch January 2014

Alrighty players! Here’s the deal with Lines in the Sand campaign wrapping up we will in a little over month potentially be gearing up for “The Dungeons of Runa”. As a result I am requesting that all character sheets be updated for January 26th, 2014.

Key points to character creation for this run:

-Characters are to be level 7 or ECL 7 with level adjustment
-Two ways to build your character:

  • either roll 4 dice and eliminate the lowest (3x’s) and select best score going down the ability scores
  • Point Buy using Epic Allotment

-I’ll be reviewing character sheets that are posted onto obsidian portal.

Get ready to face the new challenges of Runa! There are new creatures, npcs, and tricks around every corner. Colossus Village is your first stop! This place is known for having fighting rings in it’s tavern among other oddities!

Drink up my friends! The adventure starts soon!




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